During this giving season many Kenyans will give back by volunteering or giving donations to local children’s homes. I believe we should continue to look for permanent solutions to get the children who are a part of us, in families and not in children’s homes or orphanages. In the meantime, here are a few ways to make your experience more impactful:

  1. Ask the organization for a needs list on what their top needs are then meet those needs. They may just need more books or beds vs other things.
  2. Are you a Lawyer help them write a children’s policy listing how guest interact with children? Also go over the new legal policies concerning the structure of children’s homes.
  3. Consider doing monthly donations of food instead of bringing a whole pickup load. This ensures proper transparency and the temptation for food to be sold afterwards.
  4. Consider a long-term commitment like an Adopting-organization project. You can have activities every quarter to ensure an ongoing impactful relationship.
  5. Are you a marketer help them spread the word by volunteering to make them posters, online content or revamping their Facebook page?
  6. Build them a small library in a corner of the room and bring books or pillows for the children.
  7. Help them plant a garden. If they have a space to keep chickens help them build a small shed to house the chickens.
  8. Support them monthly by paying for their internet so the kids can get access to use the computer and develop digital skills.
  9. Bring educational videos for the kids to watch. Buy a small TV for them.
  10. Buy education games and come and play with them regularly.

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