Sometimes we may wonder what to do in this giving season and how we can make giving personal and meaningful to us. Well, there are so many ways us as youth can do to be part of global giving in our own small unique ways. Here are some ways the youth can give this giving season:

1. Designing Ankara gift cards – This way of giving is cool, fun, creative and unique. Find some Ankara fabric and let your mind dive into a world full of creative ideas and light up a loved one’s heart with a card this season.

2. Participate in Charity clubs in school- These clubs are fun and one gets to interact with other peers. This space also helps young people share ideas and experiences on their giving stories.

3. Form a band- Young people love music and so, having a band perform for a charity so as to entertain a group of children or audience can be a really fun way of giving this season. So groove up and let’s have fun!

4. Social Media- This is a powerful tool today and young people can make use of this and create awareness to their peers so as to help a charity or organization with what they may need.

5. Volunteering – This is a common way of giving back to the society and it is a really fun way of giving. One can volunteer at their charity of choice and help in cleaning or feeding children.

6. Mentoring – The youth can mentor younger children that aspire to be in different fields after school. This helps children see that dreams can actually be realized and achieved.

7. Training – One can be good in a specific skill and help a school in training students to learn them.

8. Street giving- Young people can organize themselves and raise funds to feed street people.

9. Cloth drive- One can declutter their closet and give out clothes.

10. Helping the elderly – Helping them do chores around their house and go to the market for on their behalf.

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