6 Benefits of Virtual Family Volunteering

It’s globally evident that this pandemic period has brought most families together and rekindled the family unit which was steadily fading away. People have got an opportunity to spend and share in-depth with their family members and got to understand each other even better- their interests, likes, dislikes, strengths as well as weaknesses. While this has been a score to most families, the benefits of these unions and reunions can be harnessed to go beyond family to impact society positively. One sure way that this can be achieved is through a virtual family volunteering program. While our physical efforts have severely been constricted by the pandemic, there is a window of unlimited opportunities on the virtual platform that can be harnessed to complement the physical efforts. Families are encouraged to take advantage of this window to bring a meaningful impact to society during and post the pandemic.

Some of the benefits that come with virtual family volunteering include;

  1. Value transmission: Children learn through observation and emulation of model behavior. When parents and other family members engage in virtual volunteering at home and the children are involved, values such as compassion, responsibility, and gratitude which parents work so hard to teach their children are instilled.
  2. Strengthen family bond : Volunteering with your children and other family members strengthens the family bond while at the same time positively impacting the community. Through discussions and experience in volunteering, children are prepared for future engagements.
  3. Learn about kindness : Character varies between individuals. As a family, you can develop a strong virtue of kindness by volunteering together and teaching the children the importance of kindness.
  4. Career development: With most children currently at home, you can help them pursue their career goals by volunteering virtually away from school. By discussing with them their career interests, parents can help their children identify virtual volunteering programs of their choice which they can use to build their careers.
  5. It’s flexible : Virtual volunteering can be tailored to suit one’s needs. It is not limited to dress-code, long-work hours, physical ability, and or other obligations. This enables family members to effectively balance between virtual volunteering and focusing on other family matters.
  6. It’s global : Family virtual volunteering enables family members to expand their scope of thinking beyond family and societal constraints. Virtual volunteering connects volunteers to service across the globe helping them to familiarize themselves with people, language, activities, and cultures they otherwise would never have known thereby diversifying the skills and ability of the volunteers.

Written by Peter Bulimo

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