At VoluCulture, we have interacted with so many nonprofit organizations and one of the main challenges faced is on fundraising. Here are a few ways your charity can fund raise

  1. Fundraising event:

Charities usually hold fundraising events and earn a huge amount of money. Fundraising events have proven to work for charities. Your charity can hold an event and invite partners, potential donors and also the general public to attend and support your charitable cause. 

2. Grant writing:

Write grants to potential grant givers for your charity. Grants are usually a contribution from a government body or a foundation geared towards supporting a given project. Usually, they are substantial. Grants can fuel large projects and enable large scale societal impact for your charity.

3. Online donations:

In order for a charity to increase the amount raised to promote its charitable cause, it needs to accept online donations. The world is a digital global village. A lot of potential donors operate cashless. When a charity embraces online donations, there will be a drastic increase in the funds raised.

4. Recruit volunteers to raise funds on your charity’s behalf:

Volunteers are very vital for charities in need of funds. Charities can engage volunteers to assist in spreading awareness to promote their fundraising cause. Volunteers can participate in fun runs or walkabouts. In order to reach out to a larger community in the fundraising effort of the charities, volunteers can encourage potential donors to reach out to their family and friends.

5. Membership:

Charities can offer membership dues to new members. They can also renew membership dues to old members. This fundraising source is stable for charitable organizations. Some passionate individuals may decide to renew even if they are absent during the operations of a charity. Others may decide to be attached to a charity. Therefore, even if they are at a distant proximity from the location of the charity, they may decide to pay the membership fee because they believe in the charity.

6. Merchandise:

Unique merchandise when added as a source of fundraising has proven to work effectively for charities. Branded mugs, books, t-shirts, pens, etc. and encouraging the public to purchase them can serve as a good source of fundraising for charities. It gives a sense of belonging to supporters after the purchase.

7. In kind donations:

This is a form of charitable giving where goods and services are being given to charities directly instead of issuing funds to purchase them. Examples of in-kind donations are food, water, land, laptop, fridge, books, an individual volunteer carrying out a community service work, etc. Charities can send a call out to potential in kind donors to contact them through specific collection points. 

8. Corporate sponsorship:

Corporates usually work towards improving their corporate social responsibility and philanthropic image. Giving programs of some corporations may work for your charity. When your charity decides to embrace donations from socially responsible corporations in line with your mission, its fundraising goals will be achieved.

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