Touch a Heart Revive is a group that is geared to bring young people together to be actively plugged in philanthropy based on purpose, vision, and willingness.

My heart’s intent is to see a generation working actively towards giving to society and dare to be bold enough to be part of global giving.

My steps to my life’s worth started on the 22nd of March 2017. As a captain in high school, I would approach girls in school and tell them about my vision and they would partner. During midterms, we raised money to buy milk and bread to feed the homeless. We also went to see the sick and donated blood during the holidays as well.

I went a step further to send letters to National Schools and tell them about my vision and Muranga High School and Alliance High School became actively plugged in. After high school, I wanted the giving spirit to blaze on so, with the power of friend-raising, I asked for funds from friends. I also invited people to come and join the events I organized through social media, and bring supplies like food and clothes.

So far within 2 years 7 months, we have done 5 events namely; Two Majengo projects (Pumwani), Little Sisters of the Poor, Nyumbani Children’s Home, Zions Children’s Home, and Dreams Children’s Home. In total through friend-raising, we have raised 110,500 Kshs. We hope to have more initiatives and events in the future. Through all this, young people are getting inspired to be part of the group, give consistently and be physically involved in their giving.

“Success is not about what you get but about what you give”

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