How to Convince your Family to Volunteer Virtually

The Coronavirus pandemic has brought about unprecedented challenges on the normal societal setup. With the requirements for social distancing, employers are asking their staff to work remotely confining many to the boundaries of their homes. This compounded with school closure has caused many to reestablish and strengthen their family relations.

One way that families are reinventing their family relations is through family virtual volunteering. Volunteering together helps build family interpersonal relations while also nurturing and diversifying individual and collective skills of the members. Some of the ways you can convince your family to virtually volunteer include;

  1. Explain to them the importance of virtual volunteering
    To convince your family to virtually volunteer, you need to have an assorted verbal discussion with them. Here, you explain to them details of virtual volunteering and why it’s important that they get involved. For instance, you can explain and demonstrate the benefits you have accrued ever since you started volunteering
  2. Help them identify their areas of interest
    Different family members have different areas in which they would want to dedicate their time and skills to. Helping each of them identify their areas of passion is intrinsic in recruiting them into virtual volunteering.
  3. Give them a list of potential organizations they can volunteer to virtually and help them choose
    After listening to the field of interest in which each family member would like to volunteer to, furnish them with a list of organizations in the thematic areas identified that have the potential to be supported through virtual volunteering. Avail to them details of each organization and let them choose the one(s) they feel attracted to. Once an organization is chosen, help them finalize the process of application and take them through initial steps of virtual volunteering until such a time that they become comfortable to navigate on their own.
  4. Tell them the impact that virtual volunteering has on individuals and communities
    Your family members will be very proud and excited when they are made to understand that their undertaking henceforth, will be instrumental in transforming the lives of individuals, societies and the environment by extension. Everyone was born with the need to transform the world around them, they just need to be guided how.
  5. Let them know how virtual volunteering can expand their mindset
    There are unlimited opportunities in virtual volunteering through which individuals and group can expand the scope of their mind. Families that engage in virtual volunteering have the advantage of learning and understanding the world beyond the realm of their family walls and carrier professions. Members are able to be exposed to the outside world and share the experience with each other thus enhancing their family experience.
  6. Inform them the career benefits of virtual volunteering
    Family members need to understand the importance of virtual volunteering on career development. Apart from learning new skills, virtual volunteering helps strengthen one’s resume while also improving their experience in fields including and other than their own.
  7. Explain to them the psycho-social benefits of virtual volunteering Especially after retirement, parents find themselves engulfed in psycho-social anxiety and are often easily stressed. This coupled with death of spouses and friends and distance from immediate family members throws them into depression. This occurs mainly because they are free and spend more time engaged in unnecessary worry and depressing thoughts. One way to prevent this is by engaging them in virtual volunteering initiatives. This not only grows their mental strength but also keeps them busy and occupied. By engaging through such initiatives, families are able to stay connected with their old folks and keep them destructed from anxiety and depressing thoughts while giving back to society in a big way.

Written by: Peter Bulimo

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