Magazine Editor

Magazine Editor


Slumcode is looking for magazine editors for their Sleek Vybes Magazine. We intend to do a digital and print 16-page Magazine going out at the end of November 2020. For this, our call is to get an experienced Team Leader for the publication project, and a team of 3 to support data mining and graphic designer for flat plan development, seeking relevant page advertising for revenue and digital presentation of the magazine. This will help as a part of a fundraising drive to support its Green Project. Slumcode Green Project design seeks funds to help us create our own space, initiate projects and grow our innovative scope to succeed under the odds while also adding value to the Climate Action mitigation campaigns and environmental conservation methods.

  • Individuals

  • 1. Writing and editing skills. 2. Familiarity with image editing tools such as Canva or Adobe Creative Suite. 3. Proven experience in content creation. 4. Experience as a magazine editor.

  • DATE:
  • to 2020-11-30

  • WHERE:
  • Virtual/On-Site