Org description

We are a non-profit social enterprise offering professional elderly care services in Kenya and beyond. Through technological innovation, we remain always passionate about graceful aging.

Basic Information
+254 721 378 822.
Year Founded:
P.O.Box 60287 - 00200, Nairobi, Kenya.
Richard Waindi
Who we are

We focus primarily on the elderly and underserved members of the community who often attract the least attention. We catalyze the development of quality and comprehensive caregiving service delivery to this target group through certified community caregivers. Our approach is based on internationally tested and approved service delivery models that are tailor-made to fit the circumstances of each elderly person. Our goal is to become a continental model for robust, policy-oriented, well-tested and community accepted elderly caregiving service.

What we do

We empower the caregivers of the elderly with appropriate skills to enable them to build the capacity of the elderly and their immediate family members on graceful aging. We also engage external stakeholders (i.e. Community leaders, County and National Government officials), to create a critical awareness of the current gaps in the care offered to the elderly. This creates early buy-in among the stakeholders to support our elderly care service provision, and eventually stimulate the adoption of these services at the national level. The families of the elderly (in the diaspora and local cities and urban centers) will have full relief from the incessant anxiety about the condition of their elderly parents’ back home as they entrust AGEWATCH with the professional well-being of their loved ones at their retirement points.

Our vision

A world where every elderly citizen can access quality elderly care services regardless of where they live.

Our Mission

To create, improve and maintain access to high quality and affordable elderly care services for graceful aging.

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